How to Commission Artwork

Commissions are closed for the time being, due to some things in my life getting in the way of providing timely service to my clients.

Please note, postage and packaging is not included in these prices and will be extra.

A5, A4 and A3 refer to the size of the actual drawing. To allow room for balance and framing, many pieces will be done on the next size up paper. For example, an A4 portrait may be done on a piece of A3 paper. For those not familiar with these paper sizings, A4 is the size of a piece of printer paper, A5 is half that size, and A3 is twice that size. All pencil works are created on high quality and archival paper.

These prices reflect single animal "head and shoulders" portrait or "full body" portrait with a plain background. Prices increase from this base depending on size and complexity. For a tailor-made quote please contact me so that we can discuss particulars.

Price list current as of January 2013


Size Head Only Full Body
A5 $195 $250
A4 $295 $350
A3 $395 $450

Coloured Pencil

Size Head Only Full Body
A5 $325 $395
A4 $475 $550
A3 $525 $650

Scratchboard (Black and White)

The sizes below refer to the size of the actual board, the artwork will be a bit smaller to allow room for balance and framing

Size Head Only Full Body
9 x 12 $295 $350
11 x 14 $395 $450
12 x 16 $495 $550

Scratchboard (Coloured)

The sizes below refer to the size of the actual board, the artwork will be a bit smaller to allow room for balance and framing

Size Head Only Full Body
9 x 12 $395 $450
11 x 14 $495 $550
12 x 16 $595 $650

Acrylic on Canvas

The sizes below refer to the size of the actual canvas, which is gallery wrapped and painted around the edges. They can be hung 'as is' or framed by a professional framer.

Size Head Only Full Body
11 x 14 $595 $650
12 x 16 $695 $750
16 x 20 $795 $850

I require a 50% deposit upfront to hold your place in my queue, and then the remainder on completion once I've emailed you a proof image and you're completely happy with it. I can accept payment via direct deposit and cheque (Australian orders only) or Paypal (international orders only). All artwork remains the property of the artist, Andrea Michael, until funds have cleared for 100% of the purchase price.

You will need to provide me with high resolution, clear photographs (emailed or posted to me on a CD) of the subject/s that aren't over exposed or too shadowed. I need to be able to see relevant markings and face/body details. If a horse is branded and that brand is to be in the drawing, I'd really like a nice clear shot of the brand or an image of the brand from a brand database. Photos that show some personality are always better than ones of the subject half asleep. If you have several photos and you are unsure which one to choose, I can help you decide based on which one I think will make the best portrait. I reserve the right to refuse photographs that are too low quality, though if the subject is deceased I will make allowances. Please note that I cannot use photos taken by a professional photographer unless permission has been sought and granted in writing from the copyright holder.

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from when I start your piece to the completion of your artwork, although longer may be required for especially large or complex pieces. I will be in contact during this time to answer any questions you may have and provide you "work in progress" updates if you wish. I like to update my Facebook page with works in progress, but if the image is to be a gift please let me know and I'll keep it secret until after the recipient has it, so I don't accidently give the game away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the artwork come framed?

Currently I do not offer framing or matting for my artworks, so they will arrive in your hands 'as is'. It is recommended that you go to a professional framer to ensure your artwork is protected for generations to come in a frame that shows the work to its very best.

Will I own the copyright once I've bought the artwork?

No, the copyright will remain with me unless alternative arrangements are made. This means you must seek permission if you want to use the artwork in any manner except personal use. I don't mind if you take a photo of the finished/framed piece to show your friends on Facebook for instance, but you are not permitted to make reproductions or use the artwork for any kind of commercial gain.

Can I pick up the art in person once it's done?

Sure! I live in Melbourne, Australia and I can arrange to be available when it's most suitable for you to pick up your finished piece.

I notice you sell prints of some art, does this mean my pet portrait will end up on someone else's wall as a print?

I will never sell reproductions of commissioned pieces unless we have specifically discussed doing so.