About the Artist

Art has almost always been central to my existence. From the time I could wrap my little fist around a crayon I viewed any blank surface as fair game. An intense love of all things horse related coincided with my discovery of scribbling on walls (sorry Mum) and my journey into equine art began.

As a youngster my efforts were often met with "oh... it's another horse" when I proudly showed all and sundry my latest magnum opus, which at that time generally consisted of stick legs on a barrel body and some ears and eyes somewhere. Undeterred by a lacklustre audience I plowed on, developing my horsey drawing techniques throughout the years and meeting any mention of "oh it's a horsey phase, she'll grow out of it" with an exasperated roll of my eyes.

I went through a period in my life, starting around 2001, where I my ability to do any art just evaporated completely. I had been placed on a medication which seemed to break the synaptic connections that allowed me to create. Despite only taking the medication for a few years, my lack of ability went on for 10 long years, by which time I had decided that I would never see the return of my artistic side.

In 2011, during one perfectly ordinary evening of watching tv, I picked up a pencil and drew a picture of a fish from an aquarium book sitting on the coffee table. Then another fish. Then it was suggested I should draw my horse, so I did and from then on I decided I wanted to make art my core reason for existing once more.

Currently my art direction is fairly eclectic as I experiment with various mediums such as graphite, scratchboard, coloured pencil and acrylics. However graphite, or lead pencil in laymans terms, is ultimately my 'go to' medium, as I adore the control and amazing contrasts I can achieve with it. I'm drawn to representing animals in my artwork with a high level of realism and detail though occasionally I use a more painterly approach in personal projects.

Aside from being commissioned by wonderful people from all walks of life who enjoy my art, i also strive to do well in the world of art competition. I feel very proud of my achievements in the short time that I've been back in the studio: